Sunday, May 2, 2021

Planning Episode 1: Erin Condren Surprise

Recently, Erin Condren ran a sale on their website, and I was able to use a first-time user coupon. I'd been admiring the gold and acrylic stapler for a long time, so I got it at a really nice discount, even with having to pay shipping.

When I got the order, it came in a huge box for a stapler. This happens sometimes. I've gotten large boxes with nothing in them but a tiny bottle of essential oil, so I didn't think too much of it until I opened the box. I was surprised at what I found!

At first I was confused and thought maybe they mixed up my order with someone else's. But, no, they had sent me a welcome box! In the photo below, you can see the items after I had opened them. I really like my stapler. It's so pretty. They also sent some lined pages, productivity pages, a focus journal, and a small binder.

A few months ago, I picked up some small notebooks from Amazon. They are 5x8, a tad smaller than size A5. They are saddle stitched, so I knew that they would go into the type of binder that has the elastic bands that you run through the middle of them. That's what this Erin Condren binder is. The color in the photo is not accurate, It's really more of a burgundy.

This is really good if you have different notebooks for different subjects. In my case, it could be different book projects that I'm working on, or you might have different types of journals such as health, a diary, or a Bible study. So, this is pretty useful and was actually on my list of things to get.

They also sent a Focus Planner. I thought it was black, but I think it's actually dark blue. It definitely looks blue in the photos. It is a blank planner that you can start in any month. 

At the beginning of the book, you can write down your goals and intentions. I've already started my list of ideas for next Christmas.

Then there is a blank monthly calendar.

After each monthly calendar is a two-page "Week Of" spread that just has room for notes, lists, and a bullet journal page.

Then you have the two-page spread for the days of the week. There are about five of these before the next calendar, and there are at least 12 months.

Then you have a few pages of lined paper...

...and a few pages of bullet journal paper...

...and, finally, a single page for contacts, front side only.

Then, I also received two packages of printed pages. In terms of size, these are the same width as the Classic Happy Planner pages, but a tad shorter. They are already hole-punched for an Erin Condren binder with rings.

The first was a package of Classic Lined Pages...

...and a package of Productivity Pages...

...with pages that look just like the lined pages on the left (or the B Side), and a page with a checklist column on the right (or A Side). The B side looks just like the Classic Lined Pages, except the icon is in color, and the lines are lighter. You could use these as a two-page spread in a planner binder or you could use each sheet individually and still have both parts.

Besides that, there were some labels n the box with a welcome note from the company.

I was pretty overwhelmed and excited about the order. I like how the products seem easy to customize for your own personal use. So, a huge thank you to Erin Condren for the welcome package!

Planning is not really my strong point. Oh, I make lists all the time, but I'm trying to take myself a bit more seriously and plan better. My problem is that my tasks and to-dos and projects aren't really set inside a time window, so there's no calendar associated with them at this time. I hope to get to a point where I can change that. Lately, I've simply been making lists and checking stuff off.

Anyway, I'm hoping to get to a point where I can use a daily planner and somehow be more productive. I have also accumulated a few other planner things recently, but I'll save those for my next planner episode as I try to figure out the best plans that work for me.

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