Sunday, January 27, 2019

Changes to Websites

To help simplify my life, I'm making a few changes to the websites. My Emily Night and Tara Sharp websites will remain up, but I will only be blogging here on Bunny Rose Books. This way I can keep readers up to date on everything I am working on and not have one blog remain dormant while I'm working on a book for a different blog. It seems like the most logical solution at the moment. :)

So, what have I been doing?

I started Nanowrimo in November, intending to finish my second Gnome novel. Unfortunately, that was about the time the holiday season kicked up and demands on my personal time made it nearly impossible to write. I don't think it's wise for me to attempt to finish any books during a holiday period, so I won't be signing up for Nanowrimo in the future.

I'm over halfway finished with the rough drafts for each of my books, the second book in the Gnome Sweet Gnome Series and a standalone YA novel. Each one has its own set of challenges.

I've been writing mostly on the YA novel this month and working on plotting and moving things around. I am looking forward to finishing the rough draft and starting work on the rewrite.

This book started out life as a short story. I like to write a story for Halloween each year, and that was how this book began. My one issue with writing short stories is fitting everything I want to tell into the parameters of a short story. I eventually discover that my ideas are novel ideas, not short story ideas. The story grew from short story to novelette to novella. I'm pretty certain that it will be novel length before I'm finished.

Also, when I started this story, I had intended that it would be a middle grade story. However, I've since decided to raise the age of my narrator to fifteen, and some of the material in it is scary enough that I think young adult age group is justifiable.

I'll keep you posted on progress on each of the books. I'm hoping that writing goes well and that I can finish these drafts soon!