Since I write for different age audiences, I use different names. I write for children and young adults as Tara Sharp and for adults as Emily Night.

Winterborn, A Fairy Tale by Tara Sharp

Winterborn is a middle-grade, stand-alone novel written in the style of a classic fairy tale.

As winter descends upon Stony Hollow, a small cat named Jack hears the villagers whisper the legend of the Winter Fairy, who once brought joy to the village children before her own child went missing.

A curious boy ventures into the Dark Forest on a quest to determine if the Winter Fairy is fact or fiction while Becca, who cooks and cleans for the village witch, tries to learn the truth behind the forgetful ghost in the pantry. Meanwhile, in a cottage high on a hill overlooking the village, a stuffed rabbit who was brought to life by magic longs to return home.

When Jack learns a terrible secret, he alone holds the key to happiness for several hearts. Making things right is a lot for one small--albeit extraordinary--cat to shoulder.

Winterborn is an enchanting fairy tale full of mystery and magic.
Published October 11, 2016 by Amazon Digital Services
Print Length: 224 Pages
Available in Print and for Kindle
Website: Tara Sharp
Author of the middle grade novel, Winterborn, A Fairy Tale. Tara writes stories and novels for young adults, middle grade, and children.

When in Gnome

A side trip to Gnome, Mississippi, was only meant to take a few hours out of her end-of-summer beach vacation. She had no idea that her life was about to change forever.
Evangeline Black makes her way to the small town where she was born - a place that doesn't exist on any map - and learns about her mysterious family. When a complication forces her to postpone grad school and remain in Gnome, a psychic caretaker, a sheriff who practices magic, and a rocker werewolf help her to get her life under control, but could she also find love while she's at it?
When in Gnome is the first book in a Southern Magical Mystery Series, Gnome Sweet Gnome.

Published November 2015
Print Length: 348 Pages
Website: Emily Night
Author of When in Gnome, Book One of the Southern Magical Series, Gnome Sweet Gnome. Emily writes paranormal romance novels.

Published November 2015

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