Sunday, March 28, 2021

Life Update: Organizing

I've been laying pretty low this weekend. I spent about three days last week putting together furniture in the office. My second bedroom has been pretty much storage for three years. I only have one and a half closets, so I have really procrastinated working on the room. Last year, I had just started clearing the room, and I bought an L-shaped glass desk and a glass drafting table. Then, Covid and work-from-home. When I bought my desk, it wasn't with the plan that my day job would take over my creative space. It is a bit of a catch-22. I like being in my own environment, but I don't really like being invaded by work. So, I really need to find a solution where work isn't taking up so much space and casting such a dismal shadow upon my creative space.

So, in my continuing efforts to get organized, I bought a dresser to use as a credenza and a book case for my supplies. It took me just a couple of hours to put together the book case, but it took me at least 8 hours to put together the dresser. It has eight drawers. I'm kind of proud of my work. It came out perfect. The drawers glide smoothly, and it looks really nice. I went with white because I wanted the room to be light and colorful. The other rooms in the house are pretty dark, and I wanted lots of light in here. This is the east side, whereas the other rooms face west, so I use the black-out curtains on those to keep the electric bill down in the summer.

I got the file cabinet the day after I put together the dresser, but I was pretty spent by that time. I have been resting and relaxing this weekend and haven't made a lot of progress. I was pretty depleted after the dresser, and when I'm physically exhausted, it affects my moods and everything. However, it's inspiring to see it put together and feel that sense of progress. I had also hung the white board a day or two before putting together furniture, and that was very heavy and involved a lot of physical strain, standing on one leg on a step ladder and trying to balance the heavy glass and mark holes. It was a huge task. I'm resting up before I continue working on the file cabinet.

I recently got a salt lamp, and, while I have no idea if there really are any benefits to having one, it casts a warm glow over the white furniture, pictures, flowers, and wall. It feels very cozy and happy. I still have to hang a curtain rod and iron and hang the curtains I bought. There's so much to do, not to mention sort through boxes of stuff and put it away in the drawers. I am also trying to figure out whether or not I want to use any other type of shelving for collectables or games, and I have art to hang. Then there are the many frames. Do I want to hang those and how? I also have two more grids to hang, and I need more binder clips to hang oil paint tubes.

While I've been really tired this weekend, I also feel so immensely blessed. I'm so thankful for the new furniture, and it looks great. I'm still binge-watching The Blacklist. I've spent the last season feeling really put out with Elizabeth, and I'm ready for things to improve. I think I have just one more season after this one before I run out of Netflix seasons. I finished reading Darcy Coates's The House Next Door, and I'm now working on The Folcroft Ghosts.

Hopefully, I'll finish organizing sometime this year. :-| It feels like it takes forever. I destroyed three rooms while working on this one. But I have hope that, eventually, it will happen.

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